Worlds first living concept
integrated on blockchain technology.



Worlds first living concept integrated on blockchain technology.



Blockchain allows us to be financially free. Free from control and manipulation by central institutions. We are in control of our own money for the first time in the monetary history of mankind. However, this does not apply to the houses we live in. They are often piles of bricks, pledged to a bank, placed on a rented piece of land.
We are going to change this. We are going to use our blockchain knowledge to make living accessible to everyone. Flexible living, in a place of your choice, under your own control, in complete freedom.


Blockchain village is not just one village. It is a movement. A blockchain-based network of multiple living arrangements with the same foundation. It is radically something different from anything else. We are going to fill the gap to live in complete freedom.

We are going to build villages around the world consisting of state of the art off grid homes. Houses and land that you can buy or use as you want for how long you want. We will use blockchain technology to institute, facilitate and govern our villages.

Blockchain Villages are the missing link between digital financial freedom and living in freedom.

The villages will not have a “vacation park” feel. It will be a state of the art, luxury resort, where like-minded people stay to live, work, inspire or celebrate their vacations. It will be a community that will form itself. There will be no obligatory activities or rules to ‘belong’. It is a new world living form that stands for freedom, respect and doing something back for our beautiful world. We don’t just shout freedom. We live in freedom.

Needless to say, all villages, residents and visitors will comply with all local laws and regulations. Better yet, a Blockchain Village can only exist when it actively embraces and enriches the local and regional environment. It is our goal to involve the environment in our concept.

Strategic Investors


Lands & Locations



Infrastructure assets

Choose your spot

Choose your spot

Choose your spot


The concept is based on multiple layers that are inseparably connected and define the success of the concept as a whole. Everything we do is based on blockchain technology.

  • All village locations and lands will be created as NFT’s
  • All  houses will be created as NFT’s
  • All other infrastructural assets like swimming pools, Tesla power walls, jacuzzi’s, etc. will be created as NFT’s
  • The community token is used for paying for services, rewards, investment and will give users rights to stay in a village. While staking a certain amount of tokens, you are granted rights to stay as long as you like.


The Blockchain Village token ($BVIL) is much more than a means of payment. It is a token of and for the community. The token is pegged to the entire concept. Staking a certain amount of tokens gives you the right to stay in a Village. In exchange for your staked coins, we provide an exclusive environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure. A privileged place to live and recreate in safety, freedom, harmony and connection with the local environment. If you prefer to be completely flexible and only pay for the time you actually stay in a Village, that is also possible, of course. Then you do not have to stake any coins. You pay for what you use. Simple and fair.

Join our global family, support this revolution and buy $BVIL.

Rent a property

Invest in the concept

Stake your spot

The Village #1 (of many)

We will be building our first village at a premium (to be announced) location in Portugal. Although the plot is huge, the habitable space will be limited, so be quick, but don’t be in a hurry. Multiple villages will be developed in the very near future. Stay informed through our Telegram group for the early investors.


Living in harmony with nature. That’s our building philosophy. Our houses are built entirely of wood. They have a self-supporting structure so a concrete foundation is not necessary. We plant trees for the softwood used. After the lifespan of up to 50 years, a house has returned twice the wood used to nature and is 95% reusable. For the hardwood used, we adopt rainforest.

High-end Luxury design

We don’t build tiny houses. We build luxury wooden villas equipped with superior luxury. For us, living in a wooden house does not have to mean compromising on convenience. Our houses are equipped with luxury bathroom, spacious kitchen and even a jacuzzi, sauna or swimming pool is possible.

Off grid

Our goal is to live as self-sufficiently as possible. Therefore, we build our houses with the most modern techniques to be able to live anywhere in the world. From energy generation through solar panels and storage in power walls, to sewage and fresh water supply. Where it is possible, choose for freedom. In a place of your choice.


Not being stuck with an employer, a school system, a bank and a house. We live in a world that is completely flexible. That’s how living should be. A large network of villages around the world allows you to live wherever you want. Eight months in Portugal, a year in Thailand or only seven months in Mexico after all? Not only renting is flexible. Our homes are fully mobile. With the push of a button you set your move in motion. Your entire home can be easily moved across our global network. Click, Move, Live.

Highest resquerements

Blockchain Village means premium living available to all. There is room for every budget. From 40 square meters to 400 square meters. And even bigger. We set the highest standards for our products and for our services. Only with the very best we are satisfied.


Durable and sustainable go hand in hand. Only by working with renewable products can you eventually make a difference in the field of sustainability. Things that last. However, sustainability in this concept is not limited to physical materials.  We stand for durable relationships in harmony with the region. Durable agreements and friendships. Sustainability lasts the longest when we do it as one team.

Blockchain Controlled

We build villages around the world based on blockchain’s core values: decentralization, security, transparency, and immutability. Decentralized in a physical sense. This new form of living will be accessible in many diverse places around the world.  And decentralized by putting the power down to the users. YOU can co-govern and contribute your voice to everything we do. Security in all capillaries. From materials used to living conditions. Transparent in our behavior and through the use of our token. If you buy a home it will remain your property forever. Claiming a right of residence is also regulated on the blockchain.

Contribution Nature

We didn’t start Blockchain Villages just to benefit ourselves. We want to radically change the world of living while giving something back to those who are less fortunate. Both people and our planet. We reuse materials, give people a chance, respect the environment and donate to charities.

The Houses

The houses we will build are of the highest quality. People often call them tiny houses, often tending towards minimalist living. Our houses are anything but that. Our houses are very exclusive, luxurious full wooden villas that are made with love and care in the Netherlands. Equipped with all the luxury you can imagine, these houses are far from minimalist and small living. They are built under the highest building standards, using only sustainable materials, have a lifespan of up to 50 years and give twice the wood back to nature.

In addition, they are modular and compositionally designed. This means that they can be connected, side by side and on top of each other and the composition, the layout, is completely adaptable.

Our Team

Our team consists of various agencies, companies and individuals. The core team consists of the following individuals:

Lucien Bongers

Founder and CEO

Patrick Lemmen

Founder and CEO

Didi Taihuttu

Founder and CRO

Carline Lemmen

Founder and CMO

Thomas Miller

Support specialist


You probably have many questions. Good! Because this road is not paved yet. This is a journey we will take together. Feel free to ask your questions. We are here for you.